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Joslyn Expansion Campaign

Omaha’s finest art museum is going through big changes. The architecture firm Snøhetta has been commissioned to build a new contemporary arts wing. The Joslyn will also be receiving donations and grants to improve the gallery space and foster new community programs. Working with the team at Clark Creative Group, we’ve developed copy, design and animation styles to document and voice the ongoings of the project.

This project is preliminary, requiring more content but has been approved for further development.


Branding, Strategy, Animation, Creative Direction, Web Design

Evolve Joslyn

The campaign slogan is designed to let the public know that the Joslyn is going through changes, and that it doesn’t end with just a new wing. The Joslyn is evolving, growing, shifting into a truly improved museum. 

Because the campaign must appeal to most, the Joslyn needed an identity that was neutral in tone, yet artistic. This is why we decided to employ the Swiss/International style.

Educational Offerings

Building a New Wing

Ways to Give

Improved Gallery Spaces

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